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What is Event Photography?

An event is an occurrence of anything out of the ordinary. You wake up every morning, get ready and go to your office, return home, have dinner, relax and sleep. If this is your routine, and that goes uninterrupted, it is uneventful – nothing out of the ordinary happened. There was no event. One day you wake up to your birthday – that’s once in a year occurrence and that’s an event. It is up to you how you want to handle that – you can celebrate it at any scale you wish. You might just buy a small pastry and put a single candle on it, blow it, eat the pastry, discard the wrapper and go about your day. Or you can make it big by inviting people over, drink, dance and make merry. In either case, you celebrated an event (at different scales).

Why should we commemorate events?

Most people are of the opinion that the everyday routines don’t need to be documented – because there’s nothing interesting or out of the ordinary to commemorate. Events are commemorated and one of the most important ways of commemorating any event is with photography. Photography as you know helps you document what happened, freezes some moments permanently for you to refresh your memory of that moment or that event and relive it if you would.

Why are our memories so important?

Memories are precious – they give us our identity, make us who we are, they guide us through life. Memories give us emotions (both good and bad) and they give us strength to get through life. Memories add color and richness to your lives. People without any memories live a vegetative life – a life devoid of any meaning.

How to commemorate Life's Milestones?

Commemorating events in our life makes a lot of sense because events are few and far between. Unless you place such high value on them to celebrate them every now and then, unless you are rich enough, events are relatively rare and precious. The very reason you consider something an event is to commemorate a point in time, that particular day in your life, that particular milestone.

Which milestones are commemorated?

​In personal life, birthdays are events, weddings, anniversaries are events, you get a promotion or win big in your business, that’s worth a splash and you make it a big one, invite people over, let them know, eat, drink, dance and celebrate. Ceremonies, parties, festivals, poojas, all these are events to commemorate.

Work is an extension of our lives and important milestones at the workplace or business are events. Big wins, anniversaries, awards, product launches, campaigns, etc.

Sports events are widely broadcast and enjoyed by millions and so are political events.

What's the role of photography in event commemoration?

Photography is an important ingredient of event commemoration; how else will you record the memory? Photography is a factual record, documentation of the event. With a variety of posed and candid photos of the event as it happens and of people who were there, a series of photos records the event as it happened. The photos thus taken serve as reminders of what happened.

If you have read this far and want a photographer to help you commemorate your event, you are at the right place.


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