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event photography

by 5 star rated, professional photography service, managed by an ex-IT professional. assures you

best photography service you ever availed.

anniversary photography

Professional Quality

Transparent charges, deliverables, timelines, terms and conditions clearly documented and shared beforehand – no tricks and gimmicks, no BS!

engagement photography

Transparent Pricing

Guaranteed delivery of photos in 7 days and videos in 14 days. No need for follow up, no headaches!

professional photographer

Guaranteed Delivery

Event Art Photography is the best event photography service in
Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida

for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, baby showers, house warming, parties or celebrations of any kind.

professional photography
event photography
Baby shower
corporate event photography
House warming
photo shoot
private event photography

Be it your child's birthday, your or your parents' anniversary, engagement, roka, baby shower, house warming, any party or a get together, we specialize in capturing small events. Known for our open minded and flexible approach, our 5 star rated photography services, we make your memories permanent. 

Customer Reviews

Wonderful experience and great photographs to capture our memories for a lifetime! Ravi had taken photographs of our parents for their 25th anniversary. He took great candid photos too!

~ Daksh Anand (Feb 10, 2024)

5 Star Rated

customer reviews
Gaurav Chadha
Mar 7, 2024

Had a great experience with photo shoot for my daughter's birthday shoot and now my 1 year old son. It is a true pleasure to see professional and quality service. So happy with the timely and professional service.

Abhishek Vohra
Jun 7, 2018

Very sensible photography by Mr. Ravi. Captures candid, portrait and landscape frames very beautifully. I suggest people who are searching for a professional and elegant photographer can go ahead with hiring Mr. Ravi.

Divya Menon
Jun 8, 2019

Ravi was such a pleasing person .We hired him to shoot my little boys first birthday.He got some shots of us as a family He also managed to get my naughty kid to pose for the cameras and now we have an album full of gorgeous memories.Thank you for the amazing work.You have given us memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Shailesh Kumar
Jun 10, 2018

Ravi is very sensible person, way of taking is very good with positive attitude. Just hired for my function and he did a beautiful job of capturing candid moments, beautiful portraits of our 1 year old daughter.

Rekha Shekhawat
May 24, 2018

I engaged Ravi for the birthday shoot of my one year old. Ravi is humble and easy to get along with. He came on time and delivered excellent quality photos, which was more than we expected. His dedication and commitment to quality photos is unusual. I'd highly recommend him to others.

Twinkle Agarwal
Jun 20, 2018

We had wonderful experience with Ravi.. he arrived on time ... captured our moments beautifully and was flexible enough to cover our requests.. we would like to work with him again...

Who we are!

I am Ravi Putcha (we? that's me mostly but I assemble a team on demand but I lead and drive the service - I am the accountable for the results!).


Event Art Photography is my 3rd brain child (4th one is on the way!)

For the past seven years, I've poured my passion into photography (after quitting as a senior IT consultant), nurturing 10K Portraits Photography into a beloved 5-star gem in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. 

With Event Art, I opened our doors to a new chapter in event photography. Born from the same love and care that defines 10K Portraits Photography and Dateable, Event Art is here to weave magic into your special moments.

With a genuine commitment to excellence and a knack for spotting the extraordinary in the ordinary, I promise to treat your events with the same warmth and attention that have won hearts at 10K Portraits Photography.

Whether it's a birthday celebration, anniversary, engagement or any other private celebration, corporate gathering, or a family milestone which you want to mark with a family portrait or permanently etch your memories with high end art prints or coffee table books, I am here to turn fleeting seconds into timeless treasures.

Come! Let's capture the essence of your story together. Your moments, our lens, pure magic awaits!!

What is Event Photography?

What in the world are events?

An event is an occurrence of anything out of the ordinary. You wake up every morning, get ready and go to your office, return home, have dinner, relax and sleep. If this is your routine, and that goes uninterrupted, it is uneventful – nothing out of the ordinary happened. There was no event. One day you wake up to your birthday – that’s once in a year occurrence and that’s an event. It is up to you how you want to handle that – you can celebrate it at any scale you wish. You might just buy a small pastry and put a single candle on it, blow it, eat the pastry, discard the wrapper and go about your day. Or you can make it big by inviting people over, drink, dance and make merry. In either case, you celebrated an event (at different scales).



Why should we commemorate events?

Most people are of the opinion that the everyday routines don’t need to be documented – because there’s nothing interesting or out of the ordinary to commemorate. Events are commemorated and one of the most important ways of commemorating any event is with photography. Photography as you know helps you document what happened, freezes some moments permanently for you to refresh your memory of that moment or that event and relive it if you would.


Why are our memories so important?

Memories are precious – they give us our identity, make us who we are, they guide us through life. Memories give us emotions (both good and bad) and they give us strength to get through life. Memories add color and richness to your lives. People without any memories live a vegetative life – a life devoid of any meaning.


How to commemorate Life's Milestones?

Commemorating events in our life makes a lot of sense because events are few and far between. Unless you place such high value on them to celebrate them every now and then, unless you are rich enough, events are relatively rare and precious. The very reason you consider something an event is to commemorate a point in time, that particular day in your life, that particular milestone.


Which milestones are commemorated?

In personal life, birthdays are events, weddings, anniversaries are events, you get a promotion or win big in your business, that’s worth a splash and you make it a big one, invite people over, let them know, eat, drink, dance and celebrate. Ceremonies, parties, festivals, poojas, all these are events to commemorate.

Work is an extension of our lives and important milestones at the workplace or business are events. Big wins, anniversaries, awards, product launches, campaigns, etc.

Sports events are widely broadcast and enjoyed by millions and so are political events.


What's the role of photography in event commemoration?

Photography is an important ingredient of event commemoration; how else will you record the memory? Photography is a factual record, documentation of the event. With a variety of posed and candid photos of the event as it happens and of people who were there, a series of photos records the event as it happened. The photos thus taken serve as reminders of what happened.

If you have read this far and want a photographer to help you commemorate your event, you are at the right place. Get in touch with us and we will help you out.

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